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Go Suck Yourself

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Go Suck Yourself


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時間:   74
リリース:   03/2009
メーカー名:   Factory Extreme  Factory Video Productions 
監督:   Viper 
キーワード:   Why do sex pigs lick themselves? Because they can. And that’s what these dudes do in Factory Extreme’s film “Go Suck Yourself."
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評論家: Cooper 日付: 6/10/2009
ソース: Aebn

Ever heard the one about how dinosaurs really became extinct? The punch line was apparently because they learned to suck their own dicks. Now, before you start picturing a brachiosaurus performing fellatio on itself, ignore the prehistoric humor and think about the serious damage the guys in Go Suck Yourself must be doing to the future prospects of the human race.

From Factory Extreme, the studio that brought us other kink classics like Foot Play, Hardcore Wrestling and Boxers N Briefs, Go Suck Yourself could easily be video documentation of our untimely end – though something tells me the stars of this film were unlikely to try breeding anytime soon.

The fun begins with Austin Joseph and the very cute, twinky and tattooed skater boy Kade – old friends who haven’t seen each other in quite a while. As you might imagine, it’s not long before they’re getting reacquainted. But that’s after Kade decides to use the bathroom for a bit of practice on his self-sucking skills. It’s quite cute seeing him try to manage the feat in the cramped cubicle and it looks every bit as difficult as you’d expect. That tongue just can’t quite seem to reach Kade’s quite large cock.

Right on cue, Austin accidently walks in on him and Kade sees the opportunity to ask for some assistance. But it’s not long before he has the hang of it himself and manages to wrap that tongue around his own dick. Such a talented guy, and such an inspiration to watch.

Then it’s all on with blowjobs, rimming and a very nicely thought out bit of dildo-play on Kade while he returns to mastering his rare art. And what auto-fellatio scene would be complete without a guy cumming in his own mouth? Certainly not this one. Kade’s even still hungry after gobbling up his own, and is happy to have seconds from Austin.

For all the potential for this film to simply become a series of solos showcasing these talented guys’ skills, it’s great to see they chose to include some three-ways. After all, how fun is a hearty meal without friends?

Tucker Jenson, Phil Easy and Nick Jarett (who fans will remember from Raw Entry and Shooting Bareback) join forces for the group rendezvous and get the balls rolling with some oral action. Greedy Nick can’t help but switch between the daisy chain and simply sucking his own dick. Tucker clearly thinks that if Nick’s so good he wants to suck himself, than he wants to see what all the fuss is about by fucking him. It’s actually a very hot bit of anal. Tucker has some great rhythm going, bit of dirty talk too and Nick is enjoying himself immensely. He looks very hot lying there while being fucked and jerked by Tucker at the same time. That cute bit of chest fluff he’s got going on is very endearing.

Tucker and Phil then jerk off while watching Nick continue to go down on himself (apparently they’re as turned on and in awe of the skill as we are). When he’s blown in his mouth, his buddies make sure he gets a face load of theirs too. This guy really should have thought about getting a bib before joining these fellas.

The threesomes continue outdoors with spunky Rod Spunkel (who has one very nice looking thick cock and cute goatee to boot) attracting the very handsome James O'Neil, who blows Rod and watches on as he blows himself. Jon Paulson then joins the fun before sucking up both the guys’ loads and shooting his own on the pavement. If it weren’t so hot it would seem like a waste with all these hungry mouths to feed.

Some more handsome lads with cute facial hair conclude Go Suck Yourself. Long-haired Kenji rivals Rod Spunkel in the goatee and auto-fellatio departments. It seems they’ve left the most talented self-suck performer till last. He presents his superior skills before we meet Dorian Jensen (and his hot sideburns) who comes in to help him out. Dorian then gets fucked by Kenji, but it’s not long before he’s back to showing off. He continues to suck himself until he cums on his face and his chest, there’s even a little bit in his goatee... HOT! Dorian is a polite guest and cleans up the leftovers, then shows what he’s learned from his buddy by blowing his own load into his own face, using his fingers to make sure none goes to waste.

As far as a presentation on the art of self-sucking goes, the guys over at Factory Extreme have certainly assembled an experienced and attractive cast. Whether you’re looking for an extensive how-to or simply want to enjoy yourself watching these guys show off their mad skills, Go Suck Yourself will certainly fulfill your demands.

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4 つぎのシーンから Go Suck Yourself

Go Suck Yourself: シーン 3

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